Ciao Bambini Families! I am honored and excited to be joining the Bambini team. My daughter Cate was a piccolo last year so I spent my first year as a Bambini parent. We both fell in love with the school together. I would drop her off in the mornings knowing that she was going to have an amazing day. I always wanted to stay and spend my day in the terrific space and now I get to! As Bambini‚Äôs Healthy Living Specialist I will nourish your childrens’ bellies and mind with my love of all things food. Not only will I prepare their meals, I will help cultivate the gardens and teach them through food.
Growing up, my father was in the army and as an army brat I was fortunate enough to live and travel all over the world. I experienced different cultures and traditions through the cuisine indigenous to the region. I learned early that food comes from somewhere; it does not just magically appear. I recognized that if one eats with the seasons and locality the food always tastes better. A tomato is best when grown in the summer heat. A apple is best when picked in Autumn. Seeing and tasting the amazing food around me sparked my interest in cooking. I remember forgoing Saturday morning cartoons to watch the PBS cooking shows instead. My parents cultivated this passion by allowing me to experiment in the kitchen and to cook for the family. They also encouraged me to try all foods, multiple times and in multiple ways to establish an understanding of likes and dislikes through flavors. As a young adult I moved to NYC where the accessibility of amazing ingredients and restaurants further helped to nourish my passion and palate. I met my husband Jeff there too. We decided to leave the city when we were ready to start a family and first moved to Chicago and then to Kansas. I am a mother of two, Cate, an incoming Medio and Wes, who just turned one. As a family you might find us playing at the park, walking the stalls at the farmers market or hosting a dinner for who ever is hungry and available.